Handwriting Pack




Help your child develop their handwriting skills.

Is your child struggling with handwriting?✍️

Handwriting is an essential skill for children to learn. It helps them:

✔️ develop their fine motor skills
✔️ develop coordination
✔️ develop muscle memory
✔️ improves their spelling
✔️ improve reading ability
✔️ express themselves
✔️ communicate with others

The OTHC’s Handwriting Pack has been developed by our expert team of occupational therapists who have a passion for early intervention in the area of handwriting difficulties.

It can be difficult for parents to know where to start when supporting their child’s handwriting skills at home. The Handwriting Pack includes a wide range of activity ideas that you can implement at home. There is also information on why each handwriting component is essential for children to develop each skill including.

✍️ Core Strength
✍️ Posture
✍️ Hand and Finger Strength
✍️ Pencil Grasp
✍️ Pencil Control
✍️ Letter Formation
✍️ Letter Alignment and Sizing
✍️ Written Expression

We’ve been using these worksheets and activities in our therapy sessions for years and have seen how much progress kids can make when given the right tools! Our colourful and engaging Handwriting Pack will give your child the best chance at handwriting success. 🤩😊💪🏻👍🏼

Download our pack today and help your child smash their handwriting goals.

✨ Developed by our team of expert Occupational Therapists
📄 90+ pages of activities, tips and worksheets
🧒 Ideal for Kindergarten to Year 2 off 😊