Regulate to Educate Masterclass for Preschool Educators




Do you want to support all your students to achieve optimal regulation for learning?

Our OT-led Regulate to Educate  is designed to inform early childhood educators to understand how to create a sensory-safe, inclusive classroom that supports every student to reach their potential and manage their regulation for learning. The Masterclass will provide an understanding of child development, emotional and self-regulation, sensory processing and will give practical strategies to use in the classroom.

The topics covered in this Masterclass include:

  • ✔️ Educator Standards
  • ✔️ What is Regulation
  • ✔️ Model of Regulation Education
  • ✔️ Co-Regulation
  • ✔️ Interpersonal Relationships
  • ✔️ Physical Environment
  • ✔️ Sensory Processing
  • ✔️ Emotional Regulation
  • ✔️ Case Study and Workshop


👩‍🏫For Preschool Educators

✨This webinar was created by the Occupational Therapy Helping Children team

▶️ 60 mins of research-backed content and proven strategies